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About Inge Lehmann (Sucimanasa) 

About me


As long as I can remember it was my heart's wish  to pursue  personal growth while at the same time deepening my understanding about how to live more peacefully with each other.

Biographical Notes


I followed these themes while studying to become a social worker. During that time, in 1993, I came across Buddhism.


Since then developing Mindfulness, Compassion and Wisdom has become  central to my life.  For nine years, I lived in Buddhist communities and in 2002 was ordained into the Buddhist Order Triratna. This how I received the name Sucimanasa.

Discovering Nonviolent Communication


It was the summer of 2003 that I came across Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication fort the first time. I was immediately taken by his vision and excited that he combined it with the very practical method of the four steps. For years I had been trying to develop Mindfulness and Compassion – all of a sudden there was someone offering me a fresh new set of instructions how to go about it.

From Certification til now


After several years of intensive learning I became an internationally certified trainer (CNVC) in 2008 and have been offering workshops, mediation and coachingb ever since. Around 2012 I started to delve deeper into neuroscience and trauma work and included them in my work. I did intensive trainings with  NVC trainers Robert Gonzales and Sarah Peyton and follow their approaches.
From 2017-22 I was a teamcoach for the self-organised care agency Ich-und-Du-Pflege which allowed me to share NVC on a systemic level.

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